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Irish Football Association (IFA)

The IFA is the organising body for association football in Northern Ireland. Formed in 1880 it is the fourth oldest national football association in the world. The IFA became a client of First Sports in 2005 with a vision for change in its organisation and the use technology to assist in this.

Since 2005 the IFA has utilised a number of First Sport modules to administer all elements of football in Northern Ireland ranging from player registration, to competition management, officials management and discipline management. Match officials or home team officials can use Android mobile devices to capture match events as they occur including participants, scoring, discipline, substitutions etc. IFA Membership schemes (NI Fans) were managed through the First Sports membership system with links directly to the IFA merchandise shop sales and First Sports ticketing which ran ticket sales for the association. This combination allowed the IFA to manage all its events, track merchandise and ticket sales as well as all participation by individuals in the game. The system provides loyalty points, caps and discounts to active members as they purchase merchandise or tickets. The IFA are also extensive users of the CRM and Communications modules to interact with all participants in the sport, helping them to develop further participation and also develop revenue opportunities for the IFA. First Sports recently partnered with Coca Cola & Powerade in Europe and they are now the key sponsor of a pilot project with the IFA to rollout websites (using First Sports CMS) to every football club in Northern Ireland. This is a major IT and revenue opportunity for the IFA and all its clubs.

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