Master Data Management. A single core platform to store and manage all your sports data regardless of its source.

A 360 degree view of each individual’s lifetime involvement in your sport, participation, roles, friends and relationships, qualifications, statistics and more. A similar single view for every organisation within your sport, each club, school, team, league, region, association. All its data in a single source, all its hierarchies of relationships with other organisations, history of participants, members, players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, teams, statistics and more.

Contact modules
Master Data Management The core Contact Management Module to view, manage, analyse and report on all your sports data. This module is a single central view of all your sports organisations data regardless of source.
Communications A module to create, manage and send communications of all kinds to individuals, groups and organisations within your database.
Security Management A complete user security module allowing clients to manage users, user groups, detailed hierarchical access rights. This also allows for security management based on child protection rules.
Framework & Audit Each project includes the implementation of First Sports entire framework. This also includes audit functions which allow detailed auditing of read, write, delete and views of any individuals data or user account.