Don’t rest, now is the time to Run.IT and get fit for purpose



Don’t rest, now is the time to Run.IT and get fit for purpose

Don’t rest, now is the time to Run.IT and get fit for purpose

As all gym operators know, the busiest month for new memberships is typically January. Usually, gyms experience a third more people joining in January, than in any other month of the year. The sales team are on the front foot, and readily signing new members up, and getting the income figures off to a flying start.

But this is already a year unlike any other. Forecasting is unfathomable, staff rotas are impossible, and stock control management feels out of control.

Predictions are precarious to make, but one thing is certain. Leisure facilities that have one central source for data, supporting experienced operators to streamline every aspect of the business, have a fit for purpose solution for the future.

Don’t sit back, plan forward

In 2021 we have a different, new year challenge. Despite lockdown 3, now is not the time to sit back. Now is the time to look at your business situation and implement your software.

Second only to staff, the most valuable asset we have, is data.

The ability to utilise information, across every aspect of the business, will inform your business planning. Undoubtedly you will be seeking to establish what can be improved, cost optimised, time managed and sharpened up, in preparation for the new normal. You will have concerns about the effects of changes, and there may be uncertainty about the outcomes.

If you have the right software, you should not be stabbing in the dark to make decisions. You should be in the position to be accurately analytical, using dependable end-to-end business data, all held centrally.

Record, report, regroup

With every aspect of running your leisure facility is recorded via a series of modules: product and payment, event and booking, attendance tracking, membership management and competition management. The reporting module draws from all and any of those variables, allowing you to establish attendance, payment and income, facility and activity capacities, visit durations, and can even tell you when’s the most opportune time to sell a coffee, from the EPOS data!

With reliable membership management, you can establish who joined when, who lapsed, when is best to incentivise and establish who the “at risk” members are. With booking, payment and attendance tracking, monitor your trends and define the best time to schedule classes or swimming lessons, or offer court hire to best suit users and optimise centre staffing accordingly using the rota feature. Ensure you’re making best use of stock and promoting perishable product when you’re most likely to sell it.

Basing future decisions on dependable data will inform your thinking and support you in reshaping the business to achieve optimal efficiency.

Increase connection, support retention

As many consumers are isolated at home, there’s a growing trend for people using digital channels to work, socialise and shop. Typical gym goers are not only missing their work outs, they’re also missing out on the community aspect too. This creates fantastic opportunities for those centres who do connect, with well-timed and relevant messaging.

Using the CRM module, you can maximise on this receptiveness, create audiences and set up communications via the messaging module. Increase connection and support bookings and member retention, year-round. Send prompts for inductions and encourage post-lockdown fitness reviews and back to the centre for football, Pilates or swimming. Map out your communications and regularly check in with members and get them to check out the member portal, put their data in their hands. They too can get planning their return and making a move towards getting active again.

Anticipating and adapting for the challenge of 2021 shouldn’t be a headache, your software should be fit for this purpose.

Sounds good in theory

Does all this make perfect sense, but your current software does not deliver?

Then you are not utilising - built by gym operators, for gym operators - and now is the perfect time to talk to people who understand.

That’s us, First Sport. We’re ready to make this theory, your reality. Let’s connect.

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